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    What is ball valve
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    Ball valve is one type of valve that adopts ball with round flow port as on-off part, and the ball achieve open and close along with stem turning. The ball which is the on-off part of ball valve is one ball with hole, and turns rounds the axial line which is perpendicular to the round flow port, achieving the ball valve open and close. Ball valve is mainly for opening and closing the medium in the pipe and equipment.

    Ball valve has the following advantages.
    1.Ball valve is applicable to frequent operation, ball valve on-off is fast and easy.
    2.Ball valve flow resistance is small.
    3.Ball valve structure is simple, ball valve relative volume is small, ball valve weight is light, and ball valve repair is easy.
    4.Ball valve sealing is good.
    5.Ball valve is not limited to mounting direction; ball valve flow direction can be any.
    6.Ball valve operation has no vibration; ball valve operation noise is small.

    Ball valve has the following types.
    Ball valve can be divided into floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, resilient sealed ball valve and oil sealed ball valve according to ball valve structure; ball valve can be divided into straight way ball valve, angle way ball valve, three way ball valve and four way ball valve according to ball valve flow port; ball valve can be divided into threaded ball valve, flanged ball valve and welded ball valve.

    Notices for ball valve mounting and maintenance.

    1.There should be space for ball valve lever turning.
    2.Ball valve cannot be used as throttling.
    3.Ball valve with actuator should be mounted vertically.

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