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    What's pressure reducing valve
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    Reducing valve is one type of special device for reducing the pressure in the pipe automatically. Reducing valve can reduce the higher pressure in the pipe before the reducing valve to required pressure in the pipe after the reducing valve. Reducing valve is widely used in high building, city water supply pipe work, mine, etc. in order to make sure each water supply point in the water supply system get proper service pressure and flow rates. Because water leakage rate and waste is almost in proportion to water pressure in water supply system, reducing valve has function of improving system operating conditions and potential water saving. According to statistics, reducing valve can achieve water saving by 30%.
    Reducing valve has many types of structure, including diaphragm type, spring piston type, etc. Reducing valve working principle is depending on the valve disc resistance to flow to reduce flow pressure; the pressure reducing range is adjusted automatically by valve inlet & outlet differential pressure. In recent years, one new type of reducing valve is developed, this type of reducing valve is called fixed ratio reducing valve. Fixed ratio reducing valve depends on the floating piston pressure ratio to control the valve inlet and outlet pressure. Fixed ratio reducing valve operation is stable without vibration. Fixed ratio reducing valve performance is good without leakage, so fixed ratio reducing valve can reduce both dynamic pressure and static pressure. Especially, fixed ratio reducing valve does not affect flow when reducing pressure.
    So, although there is big head loss when medium flows through the reducing valve, reducing valve reduces water saving, improves water flow distribution and system conditions. Reducing valve can still be called as one type of energy-saving valve.

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