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    What's duckbill check valve
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    Duckbill valve is also called duckbill check valve or rubber check valve, because its outline structure likes the duckbill, it is called duckbill check valve normally. Actually, duckbill check valve is one type of check valve. Duckbill valve is one new type of check valve which is applied widely to municipal water project or sewage treatment project. Duckbill check valve is mounted on the pipe discharge to prevent of back flow. Duckbill check valve has functions of buffering, muffling, maintenance free and non corrosive. Now, duckbill check valve can be as one type of valve instead of flap valve.
    Duckbill check valve can be divided into flanged type duckbill check valve, split-on type duckbill check valve and built-in type duckbill check valve according to duckbill check valve installation type.

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