Water Service Valve  
    Product Name: Intelligent Water Meter Control Valve  
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    Product introduction

    FLOWSPEC intelligent water meter control valve depends on the water self pressure in the pipeline to achieve in the valve open and close. Electric phase converter overcomes the problem of easy blocking of pilot hole, providing direct, quick and accurate control. FLOWSPEC intelligent water meter control valve body is designed according to fluid dynamics theory, with advantages of big flow and low resistance. Double chamber actuating device features with slow operation and tight closing. FLOWSPEC intelligent water meter control valve slow operation can prevent of water hammer and vibration effectively. Resilient and flexible disc make sure on the valve perfect sealing performance. The disc is separated from the bottom guidance support, easy for exchange.
    Technical specifications
    Nominal diameter: 40mm~300mm
    Operation margin: 0.03MPa~1.0MPa
    Response time: <10s
    On-off times: >5000
    Sealing: no leakage
    Operation: stable without water hammer or vibration
    Pressure loss: <0.05MPa
    Working pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6Mpa
    Driving method: motor (3V~6V)
    Working current: 80±10%mA
    Quiescent current: 0mA
    Input power: ≤2.5W
    Torque: 2N.M
    Direction of rotation: double direction
    Angle of revolution: 90°
    Travel time: 5~7s
    Grade of protection: IP67

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