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    Product Name: KPF Balancing Valve  
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    Product introduction

    FLOWSPEC KPF type balancing valve is one type of regulating valve which has special function. It has excellent flow performance and reasonable flow distribution performance to achieve quantificational flow and then resolve effectively the problem of uneven cold and hot temperature in the room existing in the heat supply (air conditioning) system. Because KPF type balancing valve has open indicator, open locking device and small pressure test valve for determining flow, only need mounting proper balancing valve on the branch pipeline and user access, and then take a primary regulating on it with a special intelligent gauge, and lastly it will be OK by locking it to control the flow in the system within certain reasonable range.
    KPF type balancing valve resolves the unreasonable problem of “heavy flow, small temperature difference”, which makes it as the good choice for the heat supply system. KPF type balancing valve can be mounted on the water supply pipe, or can also be mounted on water return pipe. But, we suggest normally it be mounted on the water return pipe. Especially for the high temperature loop, it has more necessary to mount on the water return pipe for convenient repair. The pipe mounted with KPF type balancing valve doesn’t need globe valve.

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