Water Service Valve  
    Product Name: SCAR Combination Type Air Valve  
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    Product introduction

    FLOWSPEC SCAR combination type air valve is drum-shaped; whose trim includes stainless steel float ball, stem and disc. SCAR combination type air valve is mounted on the pump outlet or water distributing pipeline to discharge the gathered air into the pipe for increasing pipeline and pump service efficiency. When there is sub-pressure into the pipe, the valve will suck in outside air quickly to prevent the pipeline from being damaged by sub-pressure. When filling water into the pipeline, SCAR combination type air valve disc is open to discharge air largely, when finishing discharging air, the pipeline is filled with water, the valve float ball will lift to drive the valve disc to close to stop air discharge. When water is transported normally, if there is some air gathered into the valve on some degree, the water level into the valve will drop, and then the air is discharged from small hole. When pump stop, there is no water or there is sub pressure into the pipe, the valve plug open quickly to suck in air to make sure on the pipeline safety.

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